Ambassador – Carbon Neutral Adelaide

At tonight’s Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards event, Christie Walk was made a Carbon Neutral Adelaide Ambassador, an honour given so far to only 3 others of the 200 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners.

It was given in recognition of 3 decades of leadership in the Ecological Cities movement.

Christie Walk’s founding organisation – Urban Ecology Australia – was initiated 30 years ago with a dream.

“We wanted a green community, comfortable for the residents but kind to the environment; something that would significantly cut our environmental footprint.  We wanted a working alternative to urban sprawl.  We wanted to help heal the web of life by bringing biodiversity back into the city.  And we wanted it to be a community, not just a collection of disconnected dwellings.”

The dream began to turn into reality when the construction of Christie Walk began in 1999. Today Christie Walk is a beacon of what can be done to transform conventional cities into Ecological Cities: vibrant, equitable, socially supportive, ecologically sustaining and economically viable communities.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide awards 2021
Carbon Neutral Adelaide awards 2021

We’ve always taken the educational outreach responsibility very seriously, so the role of Ambassador for Carbon Neutral Adelaide is one we embrace thoroughly. Our work on sustainability and emissions reduction is never complete. Each year we tackle new sustainability projects, and we’re careful to document our progress through blogs so that many more people around the world can learn from our experience.

Winner – Community Leadership

Urban Ecology Australia also won the award for Community Leadership in recognition of three decades of campaigning, researching and educating on the transformation of conventional cities into Ecological Cities.

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