Short videos

Join us on the couch as we run through some of the features of Christie Walk in a collection of short videos, each no more than 6 minutes.

Your couch tour will include:

  • A quick overview of the Christie Walk model eco village.
  • Why have a community laundry? How does a shared laundry improve sustainability?
  • Rainwater harvesting is a priority. Storing rainwater in dams and pumping it around the country is energy-intensive. So local storage is a huge advantage.
  • The birds and the bees are our friends. Much of the food we eat required pollination, and birds and bees do the work. So it simply makes sense that we design our urban and rural landscapes with healthy biodiversity in mind.
  • Sustainable technology upgrades are ongoing because living more sustainably is never attained; it’s always an ongoing process.
  • A two-storey compact strawbale home provides high-performance insulation with its strawbale walls.
  • A larger three-storey strawbale home combines excellent air-flow design with high-performance insulation.
  • High-efficiency well-insulated compact apartments provide comfortable living.
  • Thermally stable row of townhouses, with walls of Hebel block.
  • Our gardens create a people-friendly environment that foster social interaction and contribute to micro-climate control.
  • The rooftop garden at Christie Walk model ecovillage provides an attractive habitat for birds and bees, and a great space for people seeking solitude – or socialising – in a pleasant environment.

Longer videos

Photo gallery

You can also take a visual tour through our photo gallery.