Episode 11 – Innovative solar, storage and sharing

Solutions for apartments There’s a problem for people living in medium and high density apartments as they lift ambition for climate action: Apartment blocks have limited roof space per apartment for solar PV and limited options for sharing stored energy … Continued

Episode 10 – Time-shifting energy usage

Out of the blue, our electricity retailer replaced our electricity meter with a smart digital meter, enabling billing based on time-of-day usage. So would our Tesla Powerwalls enable us to optimise, to benefit both our billing and the grid?

Entering the Ecological Age

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Peter Head, a Director at the engineering consulting firm ARUP is one of the world’s leaders in sustainable urban development. In his paper ‘Entering the ecological Age’ Peter Head sets out a vision for sustainable cities of the future. He … Continued

FoE’s Radioactive Exposure Tour, May 2011

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Friends of the Earth is hosting the annual Radioactive Exposure Tour from May 19−29, 2011. Since the 1980s, these tours have exposed thousands of people first-hand to the realities of ‘radioactive racism’ and to the environmental impacts of the nuclear … Continued