Urban Ecology September newsletter out now..

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UEA’s September newsletter is out now.

In this issue read about

  • Jack Mundey’s visit to Christie Walk
  • Waste Management at Christie Walk
  • UEA’s Internship program kicks off with University of Adelaide students
  • Adelaide City Councillor David Plumridge’s thoughts on Urban Planning
  • Tips on starting your own EcoCity

and much much more..

Click here to download the newsletter  UEA September Newsletter

  1. Heather Lamont

    My PhD on “Social Processes and Sustainable Development” was awarded in 2000 after ten years of part-time study. Among examples of sustainable living that I discussed was the Halifax EcoCity project. At the time you were having problems with pollution due to the fact that the site had earlier been a tannery, and the Adelaide City Council was dragging its feet on approving the project. So when I checked the Urban Ecology website, I was delighted to read that Christie Walk had been established and was functioning well, presumably at the same site. It sounds an excellent example of ecological city living, and I imagine you have a long waiting list of folk who would like to live there. Congratulations and best wishes to you all from Heather Lamont, Perth Western Australia.

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