Ecovillages (or eco-villages) are communities with a strong ecological focus. An ecovillage might be urban, suburban or rural and they can range in size from a few to hundreds.

Some ecovillages are attempts to shift existing neighborhoods or towns toward more sustainable living and more of a sense of community.

Others are newly built, often featuring green or natural building techniques. Ecovillages vary a lot in their degree of community connection and their ecological focus.

Here are some examples.


Illabunda, Paramatta, NSW
Up to date photos and information can also be found on the Illabunda Facebook page.

Westwyck, Brunswick, Melbourne

BedZED , East London


Findhorn, Scotland – the world’s first ecovillage, started in 1961.

Aldinga Arts Ecovillage – Aldinga, South Australia

Other Eco-organisations

Association for Sustainable Communities – Australia

Global Ecovillage network

The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) of regenerative communities.
The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) of regenerative communities.