Water for Households


The amount of water required for households can be reduced, by using water more efficiently, and greater use of local water supplies such as water runoff from roofs.


Demand Management

The Value of Water: Inquiry into Australia’s management of urban water. Parliament. Australia. 2002.12

Household water use can be reduced through dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads, water efficient washing machines and dishwashers; water efficent gardens using native plants, minimal lawns and efficient watering systems; and avoiding water wasting behavior - not watering lawns in the heat of the day, not hosing down driveways and gutters, not having long showers.

Household Water Consumption - Causes

Price of Affluence: more water down drain. Stephanie Peatling. Sydney Morning Herald. 2003.4.12

A Bureau of Statistics report on water use in NSW, released yesterday over the last 15 years says:

Urban campaigner with the Total Environment Centre, Leigh Martin, said the report showed there was "enormous scope for reductions in water consumption."