Waste generated by cities is accumulating in the environment, compromising health, and leaving a dubious legacy for our descendants. We need to reduce waste by reducing the production of materials likely to become waste (especially hazardous materials), and finding ways to reuse or safely dispose of materials we do generate.


Towards Zero Waste

Zero Waste in 10 years - An Integrated and Comprehensive Waste Elimination Strategy. Nature Conservation Council NSW - Policies



Waste Recycling - Milk Cartons

Milk carton recycling could be binned. Jennifer Macey, The World Today, 2005.11.16

Environmental groups say the closure of Australia's only drinks carton recycling plant [in Shoalhaven, NSW] would be a major setback for recycling in Australia. But the managers of the mill in New South Wales say their recycled paper cannot compete with cheaper foreign imports flooding the market, and that's forced them to consider closing the facility.


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