Economic activities are having considerable impact on world biodiversity. We need to manage the interaction between economy and nature to minimise impacts, and to restore natural ecosystems.

Biodiversity is of great value, and our descendants will not think favourably of us if we reduce the diversity and extent of species that were put under our stewardship.


Arboretums - Urban greenspaces that host a variety of trees and other species.

Biodiversity - The biological diversity among animals, plants and other species, is under threat from land clearing, global warming, and the spread of invasive species.

Eco-Footprints - We need to reduce our per capita impacts on nature, to accomodate a growing world population.

Indigenous Plants - Revegetating areas with local plant species can provide habitat for wildlife, and offset nearby habitat loss.

Wildlife Corridors - Corridors of land planted with appropriate vegetation allow flora and fauna to move across a wider territory.


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