Biodiversity Protection


Land clearing, global warming, invasive species and other factors are threatening further species loss at rates well above the normal background rate.

To bring the species loss rate down, we need to end land clearing, return land back to nature, and enhance and reconnect the biodiversity habitats that still exist. We also need to reduce greenhouse emissions in order to slow global warming, which is disrupting existing habitat.



Can the Revegetation of South Australia Start in Your Garden? Glenn Christie. Urban Ecology Australia. 2004.5

Massive scale planting is required to reverse the damage caused by land-clearing. But to take the tonnes of seed required out of remnant bush would have huge environmental impacts on native fauna food chains. Household gardens planted with local native plants can be sources of local native seed, and can build a knowledge base for the creation and management of larger scale seed orchards.

Urban Forest – One Million Trees Program. Hugh Kneebone. 2004.5

The Urban Forest's One Million Trees initiative aims to redress the loss of local native biodiversity across metropolitan Adelaide. Over a thousand hectares of suitable open space will be planted with a mixture of local trees, bushes and ground-covers creating new urban woodlands as well as helping to buffer, link and protect existing remnant bushland.

Trees for Life - Bush for Life Program. Rita Reitano. 2004.2

Remnant vegetation in South Australia needs protecting. It has been heavily cleared and fragmented. The Bush For Life program is now protecting 293 sites of conservation significance with the help of 700 volunteers.

Sustainable Agriculture

Vegetarian Diets: How Sustainable? Barbara Sheppard. Urban Ecology Australia. 2004.5

Eating meat can be sustainable, if the meat is sourced from kangaroos, whose abundant numbers roam the country without damaging the soil, or from plague locusts, harvested for food rather than killed by pesticides.


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