The current UEA Board comprises the following people.
Sue Gilbey – Convener

Sue Gilbey currently lives in the land of the Kaurna people but her heart and family connections are with the Alyawarr desert people of Central Australia.

She is a community activist, involved in many grassroots campaigns, and a passionate advocate for justice and equity both socially and environmentally.

She has post-graduate qualifications in Applied Science and Senior Management and her skills include research, conducting interviews, broadcasting and public speaking, locally, nationally and internationally.

She was recently deeply honoured to be the first Australian ever to receive the Bremen Peace Award, a very prestigious International peace prize, administered by the European Threshold Foundation .



Clive WestDSC_0851a Clive_1

Clive has been connected with UEA since becoming a tour guide at Christie Walk in 2009.

Prior to that he was a secondary teacher and is still involved with education, being an executive member of the Geography Teachers Association of SA and the SA Studies of Society and Environment Teachers Council.

He has had a longstanding interest in urban planning issues and sustainable house design.


Andrew Tidswell

Andrew is a life member of UEA and is passionate about developing resilient communities and sustainable cities, that are more ecologically, socially and economically responsible.

He is an architect and has worked on policy guidelines and designs for environmentally responsible public buildings, especially schools.




Norm Rohde

Norm’s background is in secondary teaching and educational publishing. He has a strong interest in sustainability initiatives and is a resident of Christie Walk.

Norm has been actively involved for more than 5 years in the Christie Walk educational site tour program As a UEA Board member, he was the prime mover in establishing the Go Get car-sharing scheme in Adelaide (as a joint initiative with UEA) and has provided a leadership role in UEA fundraising activities.


Michael Bosio


Debbie Saegenschnitter


Past board members
Anne Hamilton

Anne has been a member of UEA for the last 5 years, and treasurer for the last 3 years. She owns an apartment at Christie Walk. She is interested in sustainable city living where satisfaction is gained from working with others to conserve the earth’s resources, as opposed to consuming them unnecessarily.





Margaret Rohde

Margaret has been closely involved with Urban Ecology Australia since 1998, initially as a volunteer bookkeeper and then as a tour guide for the Christie Walk public site visits. She began organising the school tours program in 2001 and now manages the UEA finances. Margaret’s involvement with UEA led her along the path to an Honours degree in Geographical and Environmental Studies at the University of Adelaide and being awarded the Professor Lawton prize for Geography in 2007.



Matt Fisher

Matt worked for many years as a volunteer for Urban Ecology Australia, and for Wirranendi. He now works in policy development at the Community Housing Council of SA, the peak body for Housing Co-operatives & Housing Associations in South Australia. He is also completing a Masters degree in Philosophy at Adelaide University, developing a creativity perspective on human nature & social change.



Wayne Anthoney

Wayne has been a UEA member since 1993 and was Convener of the Board from November 2007 until November 2010. He has been a resident of Christie Walk since 2005. His major concern for the planet is to convince people in the developed world to use less of its resources.

Wayne became involved through his interest in renewable energy and his desire to be a resident in the Halifax EcoCity Project. He has organised UEA fund raisers, such as Quiz Nights and Film Nights, and produced the first UEA Web page. He is an actor, acting teacher and writer and spent many years working as a project manager for Nyangatjatjara Aboriginal Corporation in Central Australia.



Patrick Greene

Patrick trained as an environmental scientist after a lengthy part-time degree in politics before leaving Australia to travel the world. He is concerned about our society’s use of resources and our reliance on fossil fuels. His interests in green building, renewable energy and sustainable living led him to join Urban Ecology Australia.

Patrick now works in the renewable energy industry and has been involved in developing solar projects with community groups, local government and industry around Australia. A newcomer to South Australia, Patrick recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business Management from the University of South Australia. He is particularly interested in how public policy impacts on the sustainability of the cities that we build and live in.


Alan Stewart

Alan has been connected with UEA and what it stands for since it’s beginnings in the early 90s. And is delighted to be closely associated with Christie Walk where he and his wife Carmen lived for a spell in 2011. They are now nearby and are active members of the Adelaide South West Community Centre.

Alan is a social artist. His particular skill is co-creating contexts in which people – in groups of any size – participate with vigour and with respect for others’ perspectives when addressing issues that matter to them. This engagement stems from feelings of being welcome, secure and included. He has a great depth of experience as a facilitator of conversational processes such as Open Space Technology (OST) and the World Café (TWC) in which participants naturally treat each other well and commit to collaborative action on the outcomes.

With a PhD in Nutrition he was for twenty years a lecturer in Primary Health Care in the School of Medicine at Flinders University. He has been a Senior Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University in California and recently returned to Adelaide after six years away in Hong Kong.